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Summit Medical 11S-S0800-08AS Rhino Rocket Slimline, Large Nasal Packing

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Collection: Medical Supplies & Disposables

Weight: 1.0 oz

Sku: NS10153983

Vendor: Summit Medical

MPN: 11S-S0800-08AS

Expiration: 2024-09

The Summit Medical 11S-S0800-08AS Rhino Rocket Slimline, Large Nasal Packing is an advanced medical product designed to assist in the management of nasal bleeding and post-nasal surgery care. It is a specially designed nasal packing device that offers effective hemostasis and optimal patient comfort.

With its slimline design, the Rhino Rocket Slimline is an ideal solution for patients requiring nasal packing. The large size ensures proper coverage and effective tamponade, providing optimal compression to control bleeding. It is specifically engineered to fit the nasal cavity comfortably, minimizing discomfort for the patient.

The Rhino Rocket Slimline is made from soft, non-adherent material that is gentle on the nasal mucosa. This ensures that the packing can be easily inserted and removed without causing additional trauma to the nasal tissues. The non-adherent properties also help prevent the formation of crusts or adhesions during the healing process.

One of the key features of the Rhino Rocket Slimline is its ease of use. It comes with a convenient insertion tool that allows for precise and controlled placement of the nasal packing. The tool ensures accurate positioning and reduces the risk of complications during the packing process.

Summit Medical, a trusted manufacturer of medical devices, has incorporated advanced technology and high-quality materials into the design of the Rhino Rocket Slimline. This nasal packing device meets strict medical standards and has been thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy.

In summary, the Summit Medical 11S-S0800-08AS Rhino Rocket Slimline, Large Nasal Packing is a reliable and user-friendly solution for nasal bleeding management and post-nasal surgery care. Its slimline design, comfortable fit, and non-adherent material make it an excellent choice for healthcare professionals seeking an effective and patient-friendly nasal packing device.

Key Features:

  1. Slimline Design: The Rhino Rocket Slimline is characterized by its slender and flexible design. This allows for easier insertion into the nasal cavity and minimizes patient discomfort during placement.

  2. Large Size: This particular Rhino Rocket variant is designed with a larger size, making it suitable for addressing substantial nasal and sinus challenges.

  3. Biocompatible Material: The Rhino Rocket is constructed from biocompatible materials, ensuring compatibility with the human body and minimizing the risk of allergic reactions or complications.

  4. Expandable and Conformable: Once inserted into the nasal cavity, the Rhino Rocket can be gently expanded to conform to the nasal anatomy. This helps in providing a snug fit and effective tamponade.

  5. Controlled Absorption: The Rhino Rocket is designed to absorb nasal fluids and provide hemostatic control when needed. This feature is particularly valuable in cases of epistaxis (nosebleeds) and post-operative bleeding.

  6. Radiopaque Marker: The presence of a radiopaque marker on the device allows for easy detection using medical imaging techniques, such as X-rays or fluoroscopy.


The Summit Medical Rhino Rocket Slimline offers a range of benefits for both healthcare providers and patients:

  1. Effective Hemostasis: In cases of epistaxis or surgical procedures involving the nasal cavity, the Rhino Rocket helps control bleeding efficiently.

  2. Minimized Patient Discomfort: The slimline design and biocompatible materials make insertion and wearing the device more comfortable for patients.

  3. Customized Fit: Its expandable and conformable nature enables the Rhino Rocket to fit the unique nasal anatomy of each patient, ensuring optimal contact with the bleeding or treatment site.

  4. Radiopacity: The radiopaque marker simplifies the tracking and verification of the device's placement through medical imaging, aiding in precise medical procedures.

Clinical Applications:

The Summit Medical Rhino Rocket Slimline finds applications across various medical scenarios:

  1. Epistaxis Management: One of the primary applications of the Rhino Rocket is in the management of epistaxis (nosebleeds). It is inserted into the nasal cavity to exert gentle pressure and control bleeding. The controlled absorption of blood helps in clot formation.

  2. Post-Operative Care: Following nasal surgeries, the Rhino Rocket can be used to manage post-operative bleeding, maintain wound tamponade, and promote optimal healing.

  3. Sinus Surgery: In sinus surgical procedures, the Rhino Rocket can help control bleeding and support the surgical site's healing process.

  4. Nasal Trauma: Cases of nasal trauma, such as fractures or lacerations, can benefit from the use of the Rhino Rocket to control bleeding and provide support during the healing process.

  5. Nasal Packing: The device can serve as a nasal packing solution for various clinical scenarios where nasal tamponade is required.

In conclusion, the Summit Medical 11S-S0800-08AS Rhino Rocket Slimline is a valuable medical device designed for the management of nasal and sinus-related issues, particularly epistaxis and post-operative bleeding. Its slimline design, biocompatible materials, and controlled absorption capabilities contribute to patient comfort and effective hemostasis. Healthcare providers rely on the Rhino Rocket's versatility and customizable fit to address a wide range of nasal and sinus challenges, making it an essential tool in otolaryngology, rhinology, and related medical fields.

Expiration Date 2024-09-27