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Covidien 88868619-03 Umbilical Tape Cotton Tape 2x30 inch 75 cm White - Box of 9

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Collection: Medical Supplies & Disposables

Weight: 2.0 oz

Sku: NS10154060

Vendor: Covidien

MPN: 88868619-03

Expiration: 2023-04

The Covidien 88868619-03 Umbilical Tape is a vital medical tool designed to serve multiple purposes in various clinical settings. Manufactured by Covidien, a renowned leader in healthcare products, this umbilical tape exemplifies precision, versatility, and safety. From surgical applications to obstetric procedures, the Covidien 88868619-03 Umbilical Tape plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate and secure interventions.

Key Features and Clinical Significance:

  1. Cotton Tape Construction: The umbilical tape is crafted from high-quality cotton material. This construction ensures both durability and biocompatibility, making it suitable for use in medical procedures without causing adverse reactions in patients.

  2. Dimensions and Length: The dimensions of the Covidien 88868619-03 Umbilical Tape are 2 inches in width and approximately 30 inches (75 cm) in length. This size is well-suited for various applications and allows for secure and effective use.

  3. White Color: The tape's white color enhances visibility in medical settings, ensuring that healthcare professionals can easily identify and manipulate the tape during procedures.

  4. Versatility: The Covidien 88868619-03 Umbilical Tape's versatility is evident in its range of applications. It is commonly used in obstetric procedures, such as clamping and securing the umbilical cord after childbirth. Additionally, it finds use in various surgical and medical interventions where secure tying or fixation is required.

  5. Ease of Use: The tape's pliable and flexible nature makes it easy to handle, tie, and secure. Its texture also contributes to easy manipulation by healthcare professionals, ensuring accurate placement and tying.

  6. Sterile Packaging: The umbilical tape often comes in sterile packaging, ensuring that it can be used in aseptic environments without compromising patient safety.

Clinical Applications:

The Covidien 88868619-03 Umbilical Tape serves a variety of clinical purposes:

  • Obstetrics: In obstetric procedures, the tape is employed to securely tie off the umbilical cord after birth. This prevents bleeding and ensures a safe and controlled separation of the newborn from the placenta.

  • Surgical Procedures: The tape is used in various surgical procedures where tying, ligation, or fixation of tissue is required. Its pliability and ease of use make it valuable in securing sutures, drains, or medical devices.

  • Medical Interventions: The tape finds applications in various medical interventions, such as wound dressings, securing catheters, and providing traction during certain procedures.

  • Emergency Situations: In emergency scenarios, the tape can be used as a makeshift solution for securing medical equipment or providing temporary fixation.

Advantages in Clinical Practice:

The Covidien 88868619-03 Umbilical Tape offers several advantages in clinical practice:

  • Safety: The tape's biocompatibility and sterile packaging ensure patient safety and prevent complications related to adverse reactions.

  • Precision: The tape's pliability allows for precise tying and securing, contributing to accurate and effective medical procedures.

  • Versatility: Its diverse applications across obstetrics, surgery, and general medical interventions highlight its versatility and utility in different clinical scenarios.

  • Efficiency: The ease of use and flexibility of the tape enhance clinical efficiency, allowing healthcare professionals to complete procedures with precision and confidence.

  • Accessibility: Its sterile packaging ensures that the tape is readily available in sterile environments, minimizing delays in emergency situations.


The Covidien 88868619-03 Umbilical Tape is a small yet indispensable tool that demonstrates the impact of precision and versatility in medical practice. Its cotton tape construction, optimal dimensions, and ease of use make it a staple in obstetrics, surgery, and various medical interventions. By ensuring secure tying and fixation, the umbilical tape contributes to patient safety, procedural accuracy, and efficient clinical workflows. As an embodiment of Covidien's commitment to innovation and patient care, the Covidien 88868619-03 Umbilical Tape stands as a reminder that even seemingly small medical tools play a significant role in advancing healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

Box of 9

Expiration Date: 2023-04-30