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Sphygmomanometer Aneroid Without 


CaseDeparture from cited designator: w/o carrying case

Attachment method: with clip for cuff

Iii supplementary features: d-day item for dod

Nondefinitive spec/std data: i type and 1 style and f class

~1: -116-0533,6515-00-904-5630,6515-01-121-6480,6515-01-122-0148 or cuff,child 6515-00-817-2530; valve 6515-00-371-3440

Special features: may be used in areas where anesthesia gases are present; for replacement items order as follows: bag,compression 6515-00-926-1491,6515-01-117-0506; bulb 6515-01-120-2645,6515-00-762-2110; cuff,hook and pile type 6515-00


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