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Karl Storz Leroy S-Portal Set

23210MSC Leroy S-Portal Metzenbalm scissors in/out tube size5mm, double action, 12mm blade, straight length 40cm

23110OND Leroy S-Portal fenestrated grasping inner and outer tube,5mm single action, double bend,straight 40cm, left hand

23110MDC Leroy S-Portal Kelly insert/outer tube 5mm double action ,double bend, straight length 40cm

23110ONC Leroy S-Portal fenestrated grasping in/out tube, 5mm single action, double bend, straight 40cm, right hand

23110MLC Long Kelly Insert / Outer Tube 5mm double action ,double bend, straight length 40cm

5 Pieces of 23020S Blue Sealing caps for X-cone ports


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