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Brookside Handle Surgical Knife Detachable Blade Size 3 Narrow Nose
Special features: narrow nose; for use w/no. 10,11,12,12b,and 15 blade nsn\'s 6515-00-660-0011,6515-01-09-5295,6515-00-660-0010,6515-01-009-5298,6515-00-660-0009,6515-00-680-2087,6515-00-660-0008,6515-01-009-5294,6515-01-009-5293,6515-00-
~1: 043-1730,6515-00-043-1739,6515-00-043-1732,6515-00-043-1770,6515-00-1733,6515-00-043-1780,6515-01-045-6409,6515-00-043-1734,6515-00-1783
Iii intermediate package quantity: 12
Iii unit of issue cube: 0.002 cubic feet
Iii exterior container cubic measure: 2.40 cubic feet
Iii exterior container quantity: 576
Size designator: 3
Nondefinitive spec/std data: a type and 1 size
Iii unit of issue weight: 0.08 pounds
Iii exterior container weight: 50.00 pounds

Iii part name assigned by controlling agency: handle surgical knife detachable blade size 3 narrow nose


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